Thinking about creating a documentary? I have production experience and I'm a sucker for a good story. 

live events


Live events take tons of planning and work to execute. From Autism Conferences to Live Bands, we can capture every moment of your unique events & shows.

Business Marketing


Before moving to Utah I ran a video marketing company out of Orange County, Ca. I love working with small business owners to help them reach a larger audience.

welcome, Clients!

my experience

capturing Your event with my lens


Each event that I film is unique and presents it's own challenges. I love the excitement of filming live events. If forces me to think outside the box, prepare for things that "should" never happen, and quickly solve problems.

My experience shooting weddings and live events in all kinds of indoor and outdoor environments has forced me to become very good at making changes on the fly. Creating great videos even when the weather or last minute changes are not on my side, has become second nature. 

My mix of traditional and imaginative camera angles combined with careful editing techniques will capture and recount your unique story in ways that only video can. 

I shoot with DSLR cameras with high quality lenses, DJI 4K Drones, Canon camcorders, GoPros and even iPhones to get the best shots. From the studio to the adventurous outdoors, I've got you covered.




Weddings have become one of my favorite events to film. Video can do so much more with your wedding memories than just photos alone. 

Paul Mills